Menu for Feb 15-21

This week was a great week in the kitchen for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I had the week off from work so there was plenty of time to explore. Secondly, my mother was visiting so it meant there was a need to cook….healthy…. and show off! Finally, I test drove a Gousto box. I’ll talk about the box a bit later, but overall was impressed. At the bottom of the page there is a link for £25 off your first box!


  • The Gousto Box arrives, complete with multiple meals. First up, I try some of their beet burgers. While I was a little sceptical, we all loved these, will definitely try again.


  • Chicken cashew – The flavour in this dish, also a Gousto meal, was pretty good. Some elements were really intelligent (e.g. how to incorporate the egg into the stir fry). That said, needed a bit more of a punch.


  • Roast – This was the first non-Gousto box of the week. As it was Sunday, we had a Roast. Since we had a guest, we explored London’s Spitalfields Market and discovered Hawksmoor. Their roast was beef, and it just melted in the mouth. Plus they start their beef on the barbecue and finish it in the oven. The result is a subtle smoky flavour. That along with a individual pots of gravy and goose fat potatoes, it was a just brilliant.


  • Pork tenderloin with parsnip mash – The final Gousto meal in the box, a really nice pork tenderloin with a parsnip and butter bean mash. This will definitely make its way into my menu rotation.


  • Chicken curry – a great dish, with cauliflower rice mixed with real rice. In this case it was a Southern Pepper curry courtesy of the Spice Tailor. Was full of flavour, unlike the jars of sauce you tend to find. This meant we actually ate less, so bonus!


  • Chicken, leek and bacon pie – This was my own little concoction. I wanted to use up some chicken thighs, as well as some leeks that were of risk of going off. This pie uses no cream, exchanged puff for filo pastry,  and  delivers with punches of flavour without increasing the waist line. Plus it had some great herbs giving it a fresh taste.


  • It was a rainy and cold day, so it was a good thing Bougy Beef was planned. That and I picked up a great baguette from the Cambridge market.


  • It is PIZZA DAY I went for my usual zucchini pizza. However I also took a look at SeriousEats pan pizza recipe, and made a few of those for the table as well.

As I said in the start, my menu this week started with a delivery of a Gousto box. It was our first, and I’ll review it later. If you want to try one, click here and enter the code MATTH39995 to get £25 off your first box. Not a bad deal really.

Menu for Feb 15-21. Job done.

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