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Snowman at Wrest Park

That the past few weeks have been absolutely manic for both of us. Work commitments, family commitments, household chores. A marked difference to the last weeks of December. However that doesn’t mean you stop trying to eat relatively healthfully. I’m in the midst of dry January, and at times it is painful (one week left). When you run around so much, it can be really difficult is well. We’ve kind of solve that problem by not eating very complicated food during the week. But that’s not very fun.

So over the past two weeks as we been running around like chickens with our heads cut-off, it’s been really crucial to have a bit of downtime on the weekends. Not least because we finally had snow in England and who doesn’t want to make a snowman if possible. Frankly the best way to have a good weekend is by starting it with a good breakfast. Because with the working so hard we didn’t want to have crazily complicated food, just some good’ol classics that are simple and taste delicious: some comfort weekend food. That and that and if you are embracing your inner child by making a snowman you need to have the food you had when you were growing up.Bacon Sarnie

I’ll preface the rest of this article by letting you know I haven’t bothered to include any detail recipes. They just don’t need it. Is the easiest thing in the world to make a bacon sandwich. Some good bread, a bit of butter, really good bacon, and perhaps a bit of HP sauce. It’s a sandwich you don’t realise how good it can be until you have one in the UK.

The other breakfast item I made last weekend was my personal favourite breakfast dish, French toast( otherwise known as eggy bread). It’s so simple, again good bread in my case some leftover sourdough, and you quickly get into a mixture of eggs, milk and a bit of cinnamon. Just fried that in a bit a Vegetable oil (don’t think about using olive oil here, or even butter. Veg oil gives you the good browning you want without the burnt butter taste). Talk with fresh butter and naturally some maple syrup.

French Toast 1French Toast 1

Happy weekend everybody.

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