In very exciting news, my hometown of Dartmouth is about to receive an IKEA. In celebration of this fact, and partially in pursuit of jars for preserving, we made a trip to our local IKEA this past weekend.

While there I partook in the long tradition of anyone who has ever been to one of their massive showrooms. No, I am not refereeing to following along the confusing maze of a layout while imaging what such a room would look like in my room. I mean visiting the food hall, in all its Scandinavian goodness (which I clearly love) There is the pick and mix, the slightly weirdly named desserts and drinks, the overpriced biscuits and juice packs. Of course, who can forget the meatballs. However, one item I like to try and get when I’m there is their crispbread. I love their versatility, either as a based for a sandwich or broken up for cheap croutons in a salad.

However, this time I decided to try the big KNÄCKEBRÖD (I’ve make this before, but I never get the airy texture right). As a way to have a great Sunday afternoon snack for the house, I whipped a few of these crispbreads out and quickly threw on a couple of simple ingredients for a wheel of Smørrebrød.

The key is to limit your ingredients to a mere few, and ensure they have a good flavour. The addition of fresh herbs really works well to add a punchiness to the palate. Also good for flavour are really fresh vegetables or quick pickled vegetables so they still have their crunch.

This time I had only a few quick combinations:

Combo #1

Thin strip of smoked salmon and quick pickled cucumbers placed on smooth cream cheese and topped with fresh dill.

Combo #2

Thinly cut tender roast beef on top of Emmental cheese with a dollop of English mustard mayo and watercress.

Combo #3

Fresh mozzarella, baby plum tomatoes and fresh basil with a few drops of olive oil.

Combo #4

Watermelon radishes and quick spicy pickled cucumber on top of smooth cream cheese.

To be honest, there are so many Smørrebrød combinations, it is worth it just playing around. Even now as I write this I’m thinking about the several herbs I have sitting in a herb box, wondering how they would go with roast chicken and some apple spears. I know, the mind boggles.

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