All change

All change, welcome to The Bluenosers.

Ok, so here is the thing. Just over a year ago I decided to properly give this whole blogging thing a go. In reality I just wanted to have an outlet for being a bit more creative in the kitchen. Which was, and is, my primary area of the house. I also wanted to get better at my photography, which frankly at the time a monkey could have achieved.

In any case, things have a way of changing. You see, also about a year ago my husband and I decided that we really wanted to have a family. So we started down the adoption track.

Adoption journey

Just before Christmas, we were told that might be about to happen. Sure enough, in the next few weeks, if all goes according to plan, our family will be doubling in size. Which is quite surreal, especially as I know they exist, I know where they are, but I’ve not yet met them. I keep clinging to the few photographs I have of both of them.

This has meant a series of rapid changes in our household. For starters, I’m writing this while taking a break from seemingly endless painting of walls. Secondly, my budget brain has kicked in, and meals have become a lot less extravagant.

Which brings me back to this blog. Originally I called it RoughEats because it was meant to represent that fact that my cooking abilities, while tasty, were always going to be a bit more rustic. Now, with the nearing prospect of fatherhood, I decided I wanted to make a change. So I’ve changed the name and am calling it the Bluenosers. Why? Well, for starters if I am able to keep this blogging thing up, I’m likely going to be inserting stories from our struggles and joys of fatherhood. Secondly, because while I’m not in Nova Scotia, my boys are going to know they are Nova Scotian.
So, while food recipes will be forthcoming, don’t be surprised if they also include stories of the great achievements in life (such being able to sleep in until 7am).

It’s all change in our house.



ps – A small note here. While I know a good number of bloggers out there do put their kids faces on their blogs, and some even name them, I can’t and won’t be doing the same. There area multitude of reasons for this, but thanks for understanding.

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  • Congratulations Matt!! This is incredible news! Best of luck to you and your growing family. We love the new name and this new phase of your life, and we look forward to many great stories to come…..

  • Congratulations on the beginning of a new, exciting, adventure! Love the new name and the new direction of your blog and can’t wait to hear the stories and the food that will come. I agree on your discretion on not sharing the names or faces of your kids. I am so happy for you and your wife!

  • Welcome back, Matt! And what an exciting way to jump back into the blog. As you know, I’ve been walking the path of fatherhood lately…and it comes with so many awesome joys and so many incredible challenges. I can’t wait to hear your stories! I’m excited about the adoption process for you guys…it’s gonna be awesome! What are their ages? Anyways, welcome back…enjoy the journey…and get some sleep now. (Trust me, you won’t be getting it later…haha!)

  • Welcome back Matt! It’s great to hear about the changes. Also, I look forward to hearing/reading how the new status would influence your recipes (I do believe they will still be amazing). And certainly, I’m excited to read more stories about Nova Scotia. Please don’t let me down:)

  • First of all, congratulations Matt!. Secondly, thank you for this wonderful news. Finally, i hope you will have a happy family with your little kitchen. See you in the next blog!

  • Firstly, congratulations Matt!. Next, thank you because you give me this wonderful news. And, i hope you will have a excellent family with your little kitchen. See you in the next blog!

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