A busy family menu – Menu #2

A busy family menu: Farro and roasted Beetroot Salad
A busy family menu: Farro and roasted Beetroot Salad

What a week it has been, very busy in our household. Plus it coincided with a deep drop temperature, which has in turn led to many runny noses and people feeling sorry for themselves. So, this week’s menu is a very much a busy family menu, loaded with some easy comforting foods.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with my weekly menu’s, you can read more about it here. Essentially, I make a menu every week, and this is a handy way to live vicariously through a overtired currently staying at home dad.

So, what does my ‘a busy family menu’ look like this week past? Well, the classic roast chicken makes an appearance, as does one of our family favorite comfort cheat meals; meatballs and mash. My mother always used to make meatballs at home, but rather sadly, they were a bit dire and topped with some overly sweet pineapple sauce. So in short, no we didn’t have an IKEA near us. Now I’m not saying IKEA meatballs are the real deal, but for a quick night meal they will happily do.

Perhaps the best night meal was the beef stir fry. Great beef and mixture of flavours. Plus, it was both adult and kid friendly. My boys liked the flavours, and I still got some heat by adding sriracha. How can you say no. In short, this is a lovely little busy family menu week, but pretty tasty. Do enjoy!

See a busy family menu here!

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