Hello and welcome!

I started this site as a pet project a little over a year ago. Mainly it was just a place for me to have some fun with cooking and photography. Ok, maybe it was actually a place for me to justify the cooking and photography expense I add to the household budget.

So why ‘The Bluenosers’, well years ago I moved from my native Nova Scotia to the UK. Originally it was just supposed to be for a little stint, but life has a way of throwing you a curveball. In my case it was meeting the love of my life, getting married and buying a house. We lead a great life. We get to travel, enjoy quite nights in, try cool restaurants, stay out as long as we like (this seems to be decreasing with age).

Now, however, we’ve gone a step further. After nearly a year and half of going through the adoption process, our household has doubled in size. My ability to sleep-in has been deeply curtailed.

While the food I cook has undoubtedly changed, so has my free time to write, The Bluenosers will still be my little side project. Granted I don’t know how well I’ll keep this up, but I’ll give it a go!

A Bit about my approach to food:

As very proud Bluenoser, my approach to food mimics Bluenose culture. I like food that uses fresh and local ingredients (as local food is BIG in NS). Food that is uncomplicated, that doesn’t need 15 different processes per ingredient. Food that embraces a little adventure. Finally, that food at its finest is food shared with others. Plus, stuff that will little ones will actually eat!

I hope you enjoy!

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