I love making menus!

When I created The Bluenosers, it was meant to be a bit of an outlet. I like cooking, and I like tinkering with taking photos. However, there is one other outlet for my food. Menus.

Since before we had kids, I have loved making my weekly menu. In a weird way I find it rather cathartic. Finding interesting recipes, that people in the house will eat. Plus there is the added challenge of minimising food waste and cost. Yes it is geeky, but I genuinely like it. Hell, it helped me decide what I was planting in our garden.

Having kids adds an additional layer of complexity to my menu planning. What will they eat, what won’t they, what’s healthy. More importantly, what can one of us realistically prepare while looking after Thing 1&2? Also what are we going to eat? I like a fish stick, but it’s not going to be my regular dinner.

So, given that I make regular menu’s I thought I would share them with you all. Some of the recipes are my own, others I’ve taken from around the web. Don’t worry, I’ve provided the links. If I’ve made any twists, I’ve also added those.

In some cases, though, you just need to use a little intuition (e.g. I don’t use a recipe/website to make mashed potatoes, I boil the potatoes, peel them and then mash with butter, salt and pepper. The end).

To make life even easier, for every menu I have a Google Doc. You can print this if you like, and it also has a shopping list for the recipes. Easy Peasy!

See menus here

How to read my menus

I thought I’d share my menu planning with you all. So, feel free to take a look. I’ve listed my weekly menu, but also any twists I may have made. I also have a handy little key for you.

Big Helper Approved - get a munchkin involved.
KIDS -this is purely for the kids in the household
Family Favourites - for the whole family to sit and enjoy.
Sanity Savers - for meals when you just need something on the table and you’re ready to throw in the towel
BIG KIDS - This is for us adults.

Like it? Great, have a look at some menus for inspiration.